Product Description

The miniZapr brings even more mobility to on-site disinfection for all athletic surfaces including locker rooms, weight rooms, fitness areas and wrestling mats. Available in two models, 18” and 36” widths. With powerful, on-board germicidal UVC lights, harmful micro-organisms such as MRSA, STAPH, HIV, and influenza are eradicated through DNA destruction, eliminating the potential for “Super Bugs”.

Reliable on-board power via generator or standard 120v wall outlets provide the most efficient, cost-effective sanitation method available in the industry. The miniZapr is built on the same, high-quality fabrication methods people have grown to expect from GreensGroomer. Both models feature a powerful base module and hand-held unit. Compared to other sanitation techniques, the GreenZapr is the most efficient, most cost-effective method available to the industry.

Product Details

Product Features

Convenient Power

On-Board power comes from high-efficiency generator. Optional 120v power cord for indoor use.

Powerful Reflector Module

Main light module contains 8 high energy UVC bulbs for effective obliteration of microbes.

Smooth Running Gear

4-ply ribbed pneumatic tires with sealed bearing for easy operation.

Durable Performance

Heavy 12-gauge steel construction with powder-coated finish for long-term use.

Convenient Handheld Unit

Separate 2-bulb unit accomodates independent use for hard to reach areas.

Low Cost Application

Compared to other chemical treatments, the miniZapr is the most efficient, most cost-effective method available to the industry. On-going chemical use can far exceed the cost of the miniZapr unit.

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