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Simple Engineering

Our design philosophy is built on common-sense, easy-to-acknowledge solutions for maintenance challenges.

USA Manufacturing

Where other manufacturers build offshore, we choose to build our equipment right here in Indianapolis, IN.

Heavy-Duty Construction

Our equipment is built for the maintenance professional. Everything is specified and assembled with durability in mind.

Long-Term Performance

With easy-to-order brush set replacements and a ready supply of wear-down part, our equipment easily stay up to factory spec.

Long Term Reliability

Our "Simplicity" mantra allows the professional to expect day-in and day-out performance with confidence.

Customer Support

Our Customer Service staff will get you what you're looking for FAST. No hassles. No problems.

Design Philosophy

Through our history, we've repeatedly delivered simple engineering solutions to facility maintenance.

Since we launched in 1997, we continually look for the simplest solution -- low mechanical complexity and high reliability. This principle gives us a leap ahead of our competitors and offers the maintenance professional the confidence to see their tasks throug to the finish.


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