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The Leader in Natural & Synthetic Turf Conditioning

Design Philosophy

Since 1996, we’ve been focused on simple engineering solutions to turf maintenance, following the principle of "Low Mechanical Complexity and High Reliability." We’ve continually looked at equipment with a refined eye, looking to ... (More)

New Design for 2015

We’ve just completed a new design for our Synthetic Sports Turf Groomer and combined it with our Spring Tine Rake creating an efficient, integrated unit for turf maintenance. With a convenient tine control lever the unit ... (More)

Are the Surfaces Safe?

With a greater and greater number of news stories addressing outbreaks of harmful micro-organisms such as MRSA, STAPH, Novovirus, and C-diff, people in all sectors of society are asking themselves "How Safe am I?" ... (More)

FREE GREENSWAGON with Purchase of The "Pro Package" for Natural Turf

With our New Design of the venerable GreensGroomer, we've decided to create an additional incentive to get your maintenance efforts on track for 2015. For a limited time, we've bundled the GreensGroomer and FairwayGroomer together. When facilities acquire the "Pro Package" we'll give them a GreensWagon at no charge.... (More)