Synthetic Turf Equipment

Spring Tine Rake

GreensGroomer WorldWide has expanded its Spring TIne Rake offering with the addition of its new Front Mount design.  The new Front Mount Spring gives added flexibility, allowing the maintenance professional to use what best serves their needs.

The Spring Tine Rake, attached to the rear or front of the Groomer, consists of 3 rows of 14 tines for thorough coverage. Each row of tines may be adjusted to the desired level of aggressiveness for rubber or sand/rubber infill sportsfields. The Spring Tine Rake combs through the infill, relieving compaction, releasing trapped turf fibers, and assuring a level playing surface.

The Front Mount Spring Tine allows for the rotation of the tines upwards, so that the operator can run in "tines up" mode or "tines down" mode without disconnecting the entire rake from the Groomer.

Click here for the Spec Sheet.